Sunday, November 1, 2009

All I Want Is To Shop

There's nothing like the therapy I get from a day trip to my favorite mall. After an arduous week of quarterly exams, my mom and I ventured to one of my favorite shopping spots on Friday since I had no escuela.
I will not lie: I had been saving my money for this much anticipated trip and I had reached about $80 or $90. Unfortunately, only two days later I remain with $13 and a small amount of change. EXCEPT........I made some amazing purchases to show for my drastic drop in cash (and mommy spent some money on me too). They included:
  • elastic waist purple plaid skirt from Target (it was on sale for $11 but the girl only charged me $7: my day started off really well)
  • top and dress from Anna Sui collaboration with Target
  • Haviannas sandals (slightly gray with strap on the heel: a step up from your average flip flops)
  • two pairs of shorts from Anthropologie (sailor and paperbag waist)
  • cropped plaid pleated trousers from Anthropologie
  • one teal pair of morgan style pants from delias
  • one purple pair of morgan style corduroy (spelling?) pants from delias

and I believe that's it. I attempted pictures of my findings but they sucked and it's late so I'm not putting any up. Sorry. Oh, and I discovered a description of myself thanks to the Target commercials I keep seeing: FRUGALISTA. Finally I am classified.

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