Monday, June 8, 2009

I will admit. I am a thrifty shopper. If something can be cheap and chic, why pay more?

That's why I go straight to the sale section whenever I go into overpriced stores like american eagle or hollister or a&f. They always seem to have good deals. And yes, I do shop at mass retailer stores like that.

The only place I don't do that is at Target (pronounced tar-gey, for a fancified effect), because their stuff is already so effin cheap it's totally worth full price.

Some other cheap favs? TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I think I've been to about every one of them within a 50 mile radius of my house. Yes, the stuff may be last season. Yes, they occasionally have nauseating tacky clothes. No, they aren't always classy or fabulous. But they save me money. And that is my shopping mantra.

Here is a peek at one of my cheap and chic outfits. Half of it was on sale, and the other stuff from places that are inexpensive to begin with.


1. Bright Blue Quarter Sleeve Motorcycle(?) Jacket, Pure Rebel > $10.00 at TJ Maxx

2. White Tee, Pssst! > around $7.00 at Nordstrom Rack

3. Cutoff Faded Railroad Shorts > $10.00 at American Eagle Outfitters

4. Reversible Patent Leather Skinny Belt > around $20.00 at White House Black Market

5. Black Patent Eleora Sandal, Merona > around $20.00 at Target

Stylish at a Great Price. Hell-to-the-YESSSSS

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