Saturday, June 6, 2009

So I officially have a license and can legally drive without an adult. You may be thinking, "wow, this girl's parents must be scared crapless," right? Well lucky for me, my parents are pretty chill about it. Which works out fabulously for me.

Something else that works out perfectly? I get my mother's car. Nothing fancy. A 2000 Toyota Rav-4. Pretty boring, but it gets the job done.

Not that I wouldn't like a nicer car though.

So, for kicks, here are a few cars I secretly (or not so secretly) would love to have......

......the Lilly Pulitzer Jeep that is fashionable and rugged all at once

Black Limo Pictures, Images and Photos

......and a car that I can party in too!

Unfortunately, these cars are fantasies. But right now, I'm gonna enjoy what I got.

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