Monday, August 10, 2009

Boring day at home.......

Photobucket I had to turn in my paperwork so I can officially drive to school. YAY!
Nothing fancy, just a layed back outfit I threw together.

The shorts were originally cuffed, but I found I liked them better uncuffed. Not as "super-skank-esque".

Photobucket This is the shirt I got from Urban Outfitters on my Indiana trip. The back looks like angel wings.

Photobucket Beula puppy :)

Photobucket Besides registering for parking, I read some in my summer reading book, Secret Life Of Bees. I already saw the movie, but the book is pretty good, too.

The Classics with a little twist.
tank: Urban Outfitters
cami (underneath): Gap
shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
necklace: Mom's
belt: Target (men's dept.)
shoes: Converse (from Marshalls)


  1. The back of your tanktop is really cool!!


  2. thanks :) much love to urban outfitters.....only $10