Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artsy Chic?


dress: american eagle outfitters

leggings: simply vera vera wang, kohl's

sandals: old navy

cami (underneath): rampage, tj maxx

twilight necklace: from my best friend

I wore this outfit on Saturday to a friend's house. We watched American Pyscho and Newsies. Notice a pattern?

Christian Bale. And my friend is in love.

American Psycho was a little much for me at times, since some of the scenes were........not exactly PG-rated. But there was something about it that was brilliant. I guess I got some symbolic meanings out of it. At times it was funny, at others it was disturbing, but it was interesting to watch. Even though dad didn't seem to apporove.

Newsies I could have done without, but we were talking at the same time, so I wasn't paying that much attention. I'm just not that in to musicals.

Back to my artsy chic outfit. I call it that because my friend told me I looked like I was about to go paint something. I thought that was kinda funny.

It is one of my favorite, easy chic outfits, and it is soooooo comfortable. And a little secret? I was wearing a fabulous leopard print cami underneath.


And to finish off? As you can see, the pink hair has been reduced. Since I got a letter from school informing me that pink hair was not "acceptable", I was forced to take measures that made it less "POW!" So I dyed half back to its almost natural state. Because let's face it, they will never match it exactly.

And right at this very moment, my hair is actually half pink, half purple. The pink was starting to fade, and all I wanted to experiment with the purple I had at home. I'm not as satified, so when I get a chance I'll run over to Sally to buy some pink for touch-ups.

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  1. Very cute simple outfit, and brighter shoes make it light and all day appropriate.